TM has worked for many RV suppliers and manufacturers during our 20 plus years.

Since 2014 we have worked with WFCO to build its brand and reputation.

Recent personnel changes at WFCO have resulted in their change of direction and we now feel our conversion products marketing experience could be a benefit to Progressive Dynamics.

Located in Elkhart, we are naturally involved in many ways with the RV industry through numerous current and past clients.

The links on this page provide you just a sample of the experience we can bring to PD as you compete against our past client for OEM and dealer business.

It is the amalgam of all the experience we have with RV industry marketing (from Jayco to Dometic) that is the biggest value we can deliver. Obviously, we understand converters and inverters and the converter market inside and out and we know the folks that buy them and what they care about. But our contact and experience with other RV suppliers, OEMs, dealers, and the media provide a rich pallet of understanding that we can bring to the table for PD.

Here are a few short summaries to illustrate our connection to the industry.



Our client contacts often move around and take us with them to their new company… a sign that we provide excellent service, insight and capabilities. Example: When Truma’s VP of marketing left Elkhart and headed to Colorado to head up the marketing for Carefree of Colorado he was quick to hire TaigMarks again.

We work with the Colorado team and the company’s sales team in Elkhart to deliver marketing support and have helped to spruce up the company’s brand identity.

We have been instrumental in video production, using our RV industry contacts to help locate and acquire RVs for shoots on numerous occasions. Print materials, advertising creative and a range of special needs projects are also part of the mix.


Dexter Axle

Again, when our contact at Coachmen RV departed and joined Dexter Axle, TaigMarks soon joined the Dexter marketing team. Working in the RV, utility trailer, agriculture and other markets, we helped update the company’s brand identity in print advertising, video production, show/event design and support.

As with many of our RV industry clients, we helped Dexter strengthen its image and relationship with the distribution channel as well as the RV consumer.


Dicor Products

While we work with all Dicor Corporation brands/divisions, TaigMarks has provided an integral role in helping Dicor Products establish a dominant place in the aftermarket care products business.

Our contribution of concepting and developing “Rudy”, the engaging character and spokesperson for all Dicor aftermarket roofing products, accelerated Dicor’s sales and top-of-mind brand dominance at consumer and dealer levels. Rudy appears on all packaging, advertising, POS materials, distributor catalogs. And he has his own website.

Today, Rudy has a strong brand appeal with RV owners and Dicor fields daily calls from consumers asking for Rudy!

Dicor Products

Thor Motor Coach

Thor MC retained TaigMarks specifically to rejuvenate and boost results for a tired, less than stellar-performing consumer subscription newsletter.

We helped change the design and messaging strategies for this bi-weekly publication and rapidly helped improve open rates from 18% to 26% (8% over the national average) with some over 30%. Also important, click-thru-rates improved and we strengthened brand engagement and increased web traffic.

By implementing a forward-to-a-friend function, subscriptions increased 50% from 50,000 to 75,000. Most important, the B-Van segment TaigMarks was charged with supporting increased market share in a down market.



Before Truma had sold a single product in North America the skeleton crew charged with establishing the Elkhart operation retained TaigMarks to lead its marketing support and brand-building program. Six years later we continue to provide extensive support and branding direction from advertising to video production, web, blog writing and SEO, event support, even service vehicle graphic design.

Our goal is always to build strong, close relationships with clients in order to provide useful ideas, and business-building programs that make our clients more successful. Our client relationships, like Truma, are built on a deep understanding of the marketplace and mutual success.



It started with TaigMarks conducting an in-depth research project to uncover RV manufacturer and dealer feelings towards the WFCO company and its products.

Armed with a solid understanding of the marketplace, we helped WFCO build a quality brand to help overcome negative associations and to reduce overdependence on low pricing.

We proposed and developed the WFCO Power Pros concept/program to give the company a local, people-oriented connection to the marketplace and overall helped the company raise its image at all levels from OEM to consumer. Through that relationship, we also have more than a passing acquaintance with Progressive Dynamics and believe that after getting to know your needs we can provide strong ideas to support market share and to deliver measurable results.