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The Crew <br/>We do branding, strategy and creative messaging.

The Crew
We do branding, strategy and creative messaging.

Danielle Miller John Taig Dan Carter Steve Taig Joe Calcagno Shane Frost (& Barklee) Jeff Prugh Rob Hartzler Jennifer Lantz

Danielle Miller

No meat, all veggies, PR, Writer & Account Support.

John Taig

Wall-riding, tail-sliding, gnarly Video Editor & Videographer.

Dan Carter

This chef cooks up Creative Messaging and Account Management.

Steve Taig

Whitewater loving Man U fan & leader of the TM enterprise.

Joe Calcagno

Lead guitar and vocals, master Code Slinger & Web Dev.

Shane Frost (& Barklee)

Dog walking, SEO, Digital & Account Management.

Jeff Prugh

Giddy up! Hi Ho Silver! Creative Director and Master Designer.

Rob Hartzler

Steel horses tamed under the VP & Director of Creative Engagement.

Jennifer Lantz

Poured paintings ease the stress of the Office Manager & Bookkeeper.

TaigMarks specializes in helping clients create, hone or completely rejuvenate their brand identity through both core message development and visual identity programs. TaigMarks also assists with strategic communications planning and execution, using its capabilities in concept development, design, copywriting, print production, sales collateral, strategic advertising, public relations, press events, product launch planning and execution, web development, video production, newsletters, blog development, web video, web advertising and trade show exhibit/design support.

As well as extensive experience in the RV industry, our experience extends to higher education, hotels, banks, jewelry retail, semi-pro basketball, musical instruments, poultry equipment kitchen cabinets, commercial vehicles, automotive and healthcare. Within healthcare, we have experience with such as companies and products as orthopedic implants, orthopedic instruments, orthopedic medical centers, dental products, scar treatment medication, medical waste disposal and medical furniture.